Chris Ashton

month11y issue 14

28 December 2020

What would an ethical overlay look like? Karl Groves writes about the ‘overlay widgets’ offered by companies such as accessiBe, and how their claim that including their product on your website will make it fully WCAG compliant is simply untrue. Many a11y issues, such as missing alt text, can only be fixed by a person…. [Read More]

month11y issue 13

23 November 2020

frequent11y is now 1 year old! 🎉 Since the first issue of dai11y on 28th October 2019, I’ve published well over 200 posts covering design, technology, science and ethics in the world of accessibility. I’ve been really enjoying reading so many articles and sharing them with you, and I’ve really appreciated the nice comments and… [Read More]

month11y issue 12

26 October 2020

Here’s your frequent11y newsletter for the month of October, brought to you by @ChrisBAshton: How do the new iOS 14 accessibility features stack up? Deque reviews the new a11y features in iOS 14. It supports widgets on the home screen, e.g. for at-a-glance weather reports, which makes it easier for everybody to find out pertinent… [Read More]

month11y issue 11

28 September 2020

How to Create Accessible Cooking Videos Article describing what to do as a content creator to make your videos accessible. It pertains to cooking, but could equally be applied to most videos. 1: provide captions, either via sidecar caption file or embedding directly into video. 2: describe visual elements via a separate audio description track,… [Read More]

month11y issue 10

01 September 2020

How Alexa has change the life of a disabled person Colin Hughes describes how his muscular dystrophy can make it difficult to use remote controls. He now uses Alexa to control thermostats, lights and blinds with his voice. Taking inspiration from a video showing how a garage door can be opened/closed with a cheap wireless… [Read More]

month11y issue 9

27 July 2020

Enhancing ARIA landmarks with aria-labelledby Article by Léonie Watson describing how to use aria-labelledby to distinguish between multiple navigational elements. Example: <nav role=”navigation” aria-labelledby=”firstLabel”><p>Choose an <span id=”firstLabel”>aisle</span> to browse</p><ul><li><a href=”fresh.html”>Fresh foods</a></li>…</ul>. How Does HTML Microdata Help With Accessibility? Scott Vinkle explains how pages marked up with microdata helps the ‘Reader Mode’ in browsers to find… [Read More]

month11y issue 8

29 June 2020

Sa11y – accessibility quality assurance assistant An accessibility quality assurance tool geared towards content authors: Sa11y visually highlights common errors, with contextual information. Try out the demo. Text link Accessibilty: aria-label and title Deque article testing <a> links with various combinations of title and aria-label. The conclusion is that aria-label is the best supported attribute,… [Read More]

month11y issue 7

25 May 2020

Why to Avoid Accessibility Overlay Toolbars, Pugins & Widgets Accessibility Works article warning against the installation of third-party overlays/widgets that promise to make your site accessible. These tools provide options for customising text size, providing magnifiers, and in some cases a built-in screen reader or alt-text generator. However, they cannot address the 70% of accessibility… [Read More]

month11y issue 6

27 April 2020

This Is What Happened at a Captioned Virtual Reality Webinar Meryl K. Evans describes their experience of attending A11yVR meetup, which you can watch. Meryl is deaf and relies on the captions, but being in a VR environment raised several issues, such as other avatars standing in front of the captions. Technical issues such as… [Read More]

month11y issue 5

30 March 2020

‘Show Me a Sign’ recounts the deaf experience for young readers MV Times article from last December, describing Ann Clare Le Zotte‘s new novel “Show me a Sign”, which is now available online. It is set in early 19th century Chilmark, Massachusetts – a town famous for its unusually high percentage of deaf citizens (one… [Read More]