Chris Ashton

dai11y 13/02/2020

13 February 2020

An Accessible Digital BBC – 2019 in review Blog post by Emma Pratt Richens, exploring the top BBC accessibility improvements of 2019. iPlayer introduced subtitle size controls, and attempts to deliver fewer animations where people have asked for “reduced motion”. Bitesize Primary improved keyboard a11y across its games. News introduced the BBC Reith font, designed… [Read More]

dai11y 12/02/2020

12 February 2020

Disproportionate Burden Thoughts A blog post by accessibility consultant George Rhodes, with their views on public organisations’ use of “disproportionate burden” as an excuse to (temporarily) avoid full compliance with the regulations. 60 public sector bodies have claimed disproportionate burden and been asked to provide evidence via Freedom of Information requests. Many of their responses… [Read More]

dai11y 11/02/2020

11 February 2020

The Click-Away Pound Survey 2019 This 32 page report (ironically only available as Word/PDF documents) of last year’s survey has some highlights. There are 7.15 million internet users in the UK that have access needs (an increase of 1 million since 2016), with a spending power of £24.8 billion. Around 70% will click away from… [Read More]

dai11y 07/02/2020

07 February 2020

Money in my account, but still can’t pay: Winner of ‘best accessible website’ Nidhi Goyal‘s website, Rising Flame, won India’s “Best Accessible Website 2019” award. This article by The Indian Express doesn’t talk about the site (though I highly recommend visiting it and trying its accessibility features) – instead, it talks about how Goyal’s success… [Read More]

week11y issue 14

10 February 2020

But first, an announcement: Government Digital Service is hiring a Head of Accessibility to be a “thought leader and champion of accessible and inclusive services”. Applications close on 25th February 2020 at midnight. Memes Are Still Inaccessible to the Blind Time article sharing the impact of memes being unreadable to the blind. Accessibility is often… [Read More]

dai11y 06/02/2020

06 February 2020

When to Open Links in a New Tab A short article by Jens Oliver Meiert, with one simple summary: “Always open links in the same tab unless doing so 1) could disrupt a process, 2) could risk data loss, or 3) could confuse the user.” He gives examples of opening PDFs (which should be opened… [Read More]

dai11y 05/02/2020

05 February 2020

The Universal Page An article about the history of braille, and its early competitors (Boston Line Type). By the 1860s there were a number of competing standards – leading to the “War of the Dots” in 1909, where braille was the standard of choice for the New York Board of Education for its blind schools…. [Read More]

dai11y 04/02/2020

04 February 2020

Memes Are Still Inaccessible to the Blind Time article sharing the impact of memes being unreadable to the blind. Accessibility is often about providing the bare essentials – making the workplace or transportation accessible – whereas leisure or silly activities are overlooked. The result is a lack of inclusivity, with many unable to join in… [Read More]

week11y issue 13

03 February 2020

Progressive React A surprisingly quick read despite its length: Houssein Djirdeh details several techniques for improving performance and accessibility of React applications. Use pre-rendered or server-side rendered (SSR) React, ideally hydrated in Node ‘streams’ rather than en-masse. Use streams for extracting critical CSS too. Various DevTools profilers help identify unnecessary component re-renders: override shouldComponentUpdate or… [Read More]

dai11y 03/02/2020

03 February 2020

How Glasgow’s clubs try to be accessible for everyone Not necessarily what you’re expecting to read from the title (it’s not all “installing a lift for wheelchair users”, writes Kamila Rymajdo). Kamila highlights the efforts a number of clubs are making to become more inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ community, such as briefing clubbers at… [Read More]