14 December 2016

I came up with the idea for back in January 2016. A complex technical project I persevered with on the side, I only felt it was ready in December 2016 almost a year later, when I presented the idea to the BBC’s internal monthly Web Developer Gathering (see slide deck) – the first presentation I... [Read More]

Olympic Body Match

14 December 2016

  I was the lead developer for the BBC Olympic Body Match, which takes your physical attributes and matches you to your three closest Olympian counterparts. It went out in 21 different languages including Persian and Russian, and was consumed across BBC Sport, BBC News, the BBC Sport and News Apps, and the ad-enabled equivalents, which... [Read More]

Magazine Parent/Child Themes

21 November 2015

After the success of the new responsive VoiceCouncil theme, my company was commissioned to develop four new websites, on a tight budget and deadline. Given these limitations, I decided to architect this in such a way as to minimise the duplication of effort (the DRY principle) across the four sites. Certain elements, such as social... [Read More]


17 May 2015

SmartResolution is open-source, extensible Online Dispute Resolution software. It was developed as part of my Major Project (dissertation) and won the Best Major Project award in my year. Skills demonstrated: BDD/TDD, Continuous Integration, Ruby & Cucumber regression tests, modular development, state pattern, publish-subscribe pattern, detailed documentation, continuous and automated deployment, AWS. Read more about my... [Read More]

Commonwealth Games Quiz

26 December 2014

A calculator that matches you to your top (and bottom) Commonwealth sports, based on your personal attributes.

3D Solar System

26 December 2014

Application | Report | GitHub 3D visualisation of our solar system, written in WebGL. Uses RequireJS, custom OpenGL shaders, progressive enhancement. This was made for an Advanced Computer Graphics assignment and achieved a mark of 89%.

VoiceCouncil Magazine

21 November 2015

VoiceCouncil Magazine is an online magazine for vocalists that has now been running for over six years. I joined the VoiceCouncil team as a subcontractor in 2012 while at university, editing articles and scouting for talent to enter their biannual singing competition. Over time, my duties branched out to include running advertising campaigns for them; I... [Read More]

28 December 2014 is a fully responsive web app that allows you to share snippets of pages, rather than the entire web page itself. Uses Bootstrap on the front end, with a MySQL & PDO PHP back-end.


12 July 2014 Freelance work for Malloy Aeronautics Ltd. Built the new website entirely from scratch. Fully responsive – dynamically scaling menu, images and video Image swipe – swipe through image gallery on your device Custom WordPress theme WooCommerce integration – e-commerce WordPress plugin customised to the client’s requirements In-page AJAX updates – see the Hoverbike page

Alice Holmes – anthropomorphism

12 July 2014 Based on an open-source BBC iFrame scaffold quiz, I built a questionnaire for third-year design student Alice Holmes, which calculates the ideal chair for the individual based on their personality traits.

Student Munch

11 June 2014 An independent food review site aimed at students; covering everything from tinned food to ready meals. Written in HTML5, CSS, object-oriented PHP and SQL. Plans to introduce a “Login with Facebook” feature in the future. I use semantic markup so that my reviews can be indexed and displayed appropriately in search engine results. This... [Read More]

How stressed are you?

15 June 2014 Developed spoken-language-agnostic applications which can then be used by BBC World Service. Translated into eight languages. In the UK alone the stress test was viewed almost 1.9 million times and shared 106,000 times in the first seven days after publication.

NHS Winter

15 June 2014 Premise User can enter their postcode into a postcode search module, taking them to the BBC NHS Winter landing page and showing them the details of their nearest hospital. They can see whether or not their hospital is hitting governmental targets. Critical reception Nominated for several awards. Technical details The postcode search module uses... [Read More]

Zaatari refugee camp: Rebuilding lives in the desert

15 June 2014 Image-zooming, interactive birds-eye-view of the Zaatari refugee camp, using the OpenSeadragon library. Users navigate through the panel controls on the right. Also developed for BBC World Service, which required layout changes and considerations for right-to-left languages.

Tube Spotted

12 July 2014 Premise Inspired by the ‘spotted’ Facebook page craze that swept the internet in 2013, I realized that there was no central place for Transport for London users to vent their frustrations. Millions of people use the tube and overground services in London every single day, and as a newborn Londonder I know only too... [Read More]

Aber Mads

11 June 2014 The Elizabethan Madrigal Singers, Aberystwyth University’s longest running society, needed an improved web presence. I built the new official website from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then added functionality using PHP and MySQL. We hope to attract some bookings, and therefore increased funding for the society, as a result of our new website.

Radioactive Evolution

11 June 2014 I’ve hand-picked this university assignment because a) you’ll probably have a great deal of fun playing it, and b) it shows my first foray into Object-Oriented Javascript and the HTML5 Canvas. This game is open source and has been designed to be as independent and portable as possible (it can be downloaded and run... [Read More]