Chris Ashton

fortnight11y issue 26

23 November 2020

Use feature flags to make your website more accessible Interesting idea from Heidi Waterhouse: allow users of your app to set their preferences for things like font size, contrast, and font family, and persist these preferences in a database [or cookie]. Then, when rendering the page for the returning user, retrieve their preferences and give… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 25

09 November 2020

frequent11y is now 1 year old! 🎉 Since the first issue of dai11y on 28th October 2019, I’ve published well over 200 posts covering design, technology, science and ethics in the world of accessibility. I’ve been really enjoying reading so many articles and sharing them with you, and I’ve really appreciated the nice comments and… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 24

26 October 2020

How studying fruit flies might help us prevent age-related hearing loss in humans Fruit flies are prone to age-related hearing loss – just like humans, whose molecular pathways of hearing are very similar – maintaining their sensitive hearing for about 85% of their 58 day lives. The article goes into more scientific detail than I’m… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 23

19 October 2020

Your fortnightly frequent11y newsletter, brought to you by @ChrisBAshton (due to an oversight, I’m publishing this a week late – apologies!): How do the new iOS 14 accessibility features stack up? Deque reviews the new a11y features in iOS 14. It supports widgets on the home screen, e.g. for at-a-glance weather reports, which makes it… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 22

28 September 2020

6 webinars from GDS to improve accessibility within your organisation A curated list of videos from the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (21 May 2020): Introduction to the Public Sector Bodies accessibility regulations (34m), How to make your PDFs accessible (17m), How to engage your workforce on accessibility (16m), How to avoid common accessibility statement fails… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 21

14 September 2020

How to Create Accessible Cooking Videos Article describing what to do as a content creator to make your videos accessible. It pertains to cooking, but could equally be applied to most videos. 1: provide captions, either via sidecar caption file or embedding directly into video. 2: describe visual elements via a separate audio description track,… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 20

01 September 2020

Equal Entry Website Called Out as Inaccessible A bit of a clickbaity headline, describing how Equal Entry responded to a complaint that one of their web pages had 2 accessibility errors, which was the result of an automated tool and turned out to be all false positives. For example, one of the errors was that… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 19

10 August 2020

How Alexa has change the life of a disabled person Colin Hughes describes how his muscular dystrophy can make it difficult to use remote controls. He now uses Alexa to control thermostats, lights and blinds with his voice. Taking inspiration from a video showing how a garage door can be opened/closed with a cheap wireless… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 18

27 July 2020

We need more inclusive web performance metrics Scott Jehl writes about how popular user metrics such as Largest Contentful Paint are not necessarily useful to everyone. Users relying on screen readers may not be able to read the page until it becomes fully interactive, sometimes long after the DOM is complete. Scott has raised an… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 17

13 July 2020

Enhancing ARIA landmarks with aria-labelledby Article by Léonie Watson describing how to use aria-labelledby to distinguish between multiple navigational elements. Example: <nav role=”navigation” aria-labelledby=”firstLabel”><p>Choose an <span id=”firstLabel”>aisle</span> to browse</p><ul><li><a href=”fresh.html”>Fresh foods</a></li>…</ul>. How Does HTML Microdata Help With Accessibility? Scott Vinkle explains how pages marked up with microdata helps the ‘Reader Mode’ in browsers to find… [Read More]