Chris Ashton

fortnight11y issue 74

11 May 2023

It’s been a little while since my last fortnight11y, partly because Mailchimp have recently upped their prices, meaning I’m no longer within the free tier. I’ve been procrastinating moving to a different provider, but will give that some more thought. I’ll also be on annual leave for a while now, so you won’t hear much… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 73

14 April 2023

HTML gains a <search> element This one came up in the work chat. On 24th March, the “WhatWG HTML living standard” gained a new <search> element. It is intended to be used to contain a set of form controls “related to performing a search or filtering operation”. Example code snippet: Functionally, it is the equivalent… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 72

24 March 2023

Screen Readers support for text level HTML semantics Steve Faulkner writes about accessibility support for HTML tags such as <strong> (and <b>), <em> (and <i>), and <del>, <ins> and <mark>. (He performed the same analysis 15 years ago – things have moved on a bit since then). For strong/emphasised text, there is no audible distinction… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 71

17 February 2023

We begin with a Smashing Magazine special! It’s a great publication – which I’ve written for a few times – and I’ve had some of their a11y articles sitting in my bookmarks for a while. These articles are long and full of useful info, so it’s sure to be a bumper week. Let’s dive in!… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 70

27 January 2023

5 takeaways from screen reader usability interviews Frontend developer Jess Budd shares five things they’ve learned from user testing with screen reader users. Google’s ‘Guided Frame’ helps visually impaired users shoot better pictures This article has been in my bookmarks since the Pixel 7 launch event on October 6th, 2022. Google announced “a number of… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 69

13 January 2023

Welcome to the first fortnight11y of 2023! I’ve had a nice little break from the newsletter, but am looking forward to getting going again. But first: a big thank you to everyone who completed my survey. It’s really useful knowing what’s most important to you (so much so that I’ll leave it open, in case… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 68

16 December 2022

We’re fast approaching Christmas, and I have a gift for you. You can shape the future direction of this newsletter by filling in my survey! It would really help me to understand what you like or don’t like, which subjects you’d like to read more about, all that lovely stuff. All I Want for Christmas… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 67

25 November 2022

What Does X% of Issues Mean? Adrian Roselli ponders what tools mean when they claim to find up to X% of issues. What do “issues” mean in this context? He ran a Twitter poll with a few options; most people interpreted “issues” to mean ‘issues validating against the 78 Success Criteria from WCAG 2.1’. But… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 66

04 November 2022

A First Look at the Websites and Software Applications Accessibility Act Bill The “Websites and Software Applications Accessibility Act” (or #A11yAct) has been put forward to the United States Congress. If it succeeds, it will build on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Its aim is to lead to clearer regulations for digital accessibility requirements… [Read More]

fortnight11y issue 65

21 October 2022

Abbreviations can be problematic Martin Underhill writes about the problems of using abbreviations such as NGL (“not gonna lie”) and how inaccessible these cultural shortcuts can be. There is an official ‘fix’ for this in HTML: <abbr title=”Not gonna lie”>NGL</abbr>, but it doesn’t show a tooltip when a touchscreen user touches it, nor is it… [Read More]