Chris Ashton

dai11y 29/04/2021

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EyeMine V2 is here!

  • EyeMine is free eye-control software for the game Minecraft. It allows players to navigate the world, mine resources, fight enemies, and essentially complete every in-game task using just their eyes. The source code is available on GitHub.
  • There is a 4 minute video demonstrating how it works: the screen is split into two panels, one containing the game view and one containing the EyeMine panel. Players shift their gaze to the EyeMine panel to change context, e.g. equip a pickaxe for mining, before shifting their gaze back to the game window.
  • EyeMine can also be used in conjunction with a switch for key selection or as a direct control for mining and building.
  • I think it’s worth celebrating that a relatively feature-rich game such as Minecraft can be played with just your eyes, given the right modifications. This is an accessibility success story that makes web accessibility look like a walk in the park in comparison!

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