Chris Ashton

dai11y 28/05/2021

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How anyone can make Maps more accessible

  • Google relies on its community of Local Guides to update Google Maps information by, for example, inputting whether a restaurant has tables suitable for people who use wheelchairs. These guides share some actionable tips for crowd-sourcing information to benefit everyone, particularly people with disabilities:
    • An accessibility checklist can be useful when writing reviews. For example, having a template covering ramp access, wheelchair-accessible toilets, wheelchair-accessible parking etc, where you just have to provide ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ next to each item.
    • You can indicate accessibility features by answering questions about a business you visited, within the Google Maps app. If you’re the business owner, better yet – add these attributes yourself in your “Business Profile on Search and Maps”.
    • Create and share public lists of accessible places, e.g. accessible restaurants in your neighbourhood.

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