Chris Ashton

dai11y 26/04/2021

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Introducing Editoria11y: Accessibility Autocorrect

  • The folks at Princeton University have released a tool, editoria11y, as a frontend module of JS and CSS (but also a Drupal module, and a WordPress plugin is in the works).
  • The tool aims to catch only editorial accessibility errors, rather than the “ALL the errors” approach used by other accessibility tools, which arguably flag too much. As noted in the article: “they do not just mark mistakes the author just made, they mark color issues the designer made, technical issues the developer made…”.
  • The demo shows editoria11y in action, warning the editor about common issues such as missing alt attributes, but also more nuanced things like when the alt text is too long or if ALL CAPS is used.
  • The article concludes with a vision for the future: what if authoring tools made it easier to make accessible content by default? “For example, the default table in most content management systems does not have headers. The onus is on the user to know to click ‘properties’ and add accessibility features; maybe it is time to reverse that?”.

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