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dai11y 20/09/2022

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Preparing for the physical world through the digital

Two articles caught my eye recently.

In Ipswich station gets virtual tour to help passengers with accessibility requirements, we learn how Greater Anglia has launched an online tour of Ipswich rail station. It uses 360 degree photography to allow people to explore the platforms, the waiting room, and the toilets. There’s also an ‘autopilot’ tool allowing customers to select their destination location within the station and be automatically guided to it.

The aim is to reduce anxiety about getting around, to help people to plan their journey in advance, and to help people confirm whether or not the station facilities are accessible to them. It’s been developed with technology from The Virtual Tour company and with the help of feedback from Greater Anglia’s Accessibility Panel.

A dozen of Greater Anglia’s busiest stations are now covered by the technology, including Cambridge, Harlow Town, Stansted Airport and Norwich.

The next article is Lanarkshire charity shop launches new tool WelcoMe to improve accessibility for disabled customers.

WelcoMe is a website where customers can share with venues their access needs, anticipated arrival time and reason for visiting, for the best possible chance of an accessible and welcoming experience. The site also gives the shop team training in how to best meet the needs of the customer.

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