Chris Ashton

dai11y 18/02/2021

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Infinite Scroll: What Is It Good For?

  • Article exploring the pros and cons of infinite scroll. The pros were simply “seamless mobile scrolling” and “serendipitous browsing”. The cons were numerous:
    • Could contribute to social media addiction.
    • Might make sidebars and other content inaccessible to assistive technology users.
    • Makes footers impossible to reach.
    • Causes users to lose their place (especially when hitting the ‘Back’ button).
    • Slows down users who have specific goals (e.g. wanting to jump to a letter midway through the alphabet).
  • Tips to improve infinite scroll implementations:
    • Don’t place content below the infinite scroll.
    • Code in some logic to allow ‘Back’ interactions to keep their place.
    • Let user skip to particular numbers/letters.
    • Ensure it works for keyboard users.

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