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dai11y 17/05/2022

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Designing for Web Accessibility in 60 Seconds

UX Designer David Kennedy writes a short article with some useful quick wins for accessibility, focussed around asking questions.

  • Is the content specific enough in important areas?
    • People skim when they read. Make sure your link text describes the content of the target link, and use concise headings to form the outline of the page.
  • Where does the visual hierarchy put pressure on font sizes and colours?
    • Avoid small font sizes, low colour contrast, relying on colour alone to communicate state.
    • Also avoid confusing alignment, and excessive motion.
  • What components are doing too much?
    • Consider avoiding autocomplete and tooltip components, in favour of simpler ones.
  • Are all states communicated in an accessible way?
    • Pay careful attention to designs for your error states, disabled states, focus states, etc.

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