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dai11y 16/07/2021

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Blind York student wins £5k claim over ‘inaccessible’ loan form

  • Disability rights activist Holly Scott-Gardner, has won a settlement after being unable to fill in a student loan disabled students application form, because it was inaccessible to her (as someone who is blind). Holly had to fill in the form over the phone, after several failed attempts online, and successfully sued the company for a breach of the Equality Act 2010.
  • Holly wrote a long Twitter thread about her interaction with the company, pointing out that they offered to “work with” her on making their services accessible, but this a) isn’t her area of expertise to be a consultant on, and b) they weren’t offering to pay her for her time. The thread is full of great quotes:
    • “In what world is it acceptable to expect the person who has had their rights violated to come and educate you out of the goodness of their heart?”
    • “I am not a token minority. I do not exist as an educational tool for non-disabled people.”
    • “It’s frustrating that everyone seems to view disabled people as experts on every aspect of being disabled. I know I can’t access something, that doesn’t automatically mean I can fix it.”

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