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dai11y 15/09/2022

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Candidate recommendation version of WCAG 2.2 published

September 6th 2022 marks the first update since May 2021. According to

A Candidate Recommendation is a document that satisfies the technical requirements of the Working Group that produced it and their dependencies, and has already received wide review. W3C publishes a Candidate Recommendation to signal to the wider community that it is time to do a final review [and to] gather implementation experience.

The document is considered complete and fit for purpose… No further refinement to the text is expected without additional implementation experience and testing; additional features in a later revision may however be expected.

You can see the announcement on Twitter, which links to a page summarising what’s new in WCAG 2.2. One of the interesting ones is Success Criterion 3.2.6 Consistent Help, which has an example of a site’s ‘help chatbot’ feature that should be accessed in a consistent way, e.g. from a button on the bottom right corner of the page.

SC 3.3.7 Accessible Authentication suggests giving users ways of logging into services via an email link, for those that don’t use password managers and find it difficult to remember their passwords. And a niche one, SC 3.3.9 Redundant Entry, requires that if users have to enter the same information again in the same process, the app should auto-fill the information rather than make the user re-type it.

Thanks to David Cox for bringing news of the WCAG update to my attention.

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