Chris Ashton

dai11y 15/02/2023

Progressive enhancement poem in the style of Shakespeare

In more a11y ChatGPT news, my colleague Derren Wilson asked ChatGPT to “explain progressive enhancement in the style of shakespeare”, and I’m absolutely gobsmacked at the results. Enjoy.

Hark! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the concept of Progressive Enhancement,
That doth illuminate the web with its grace.

Forsooth, Progressive Enhancement is a noble goal,
To build a website with layers that unfold,
To ensure that all may access its content whole,
Be they on a phone or a screen vast and bold.

At first, the website is built with simple means,
With plain HTML and CSS, so it seems,
But as the layers add on, like a rising sun,
The website grows in beauty and function.

With each layer, new features are revealed,
And yet, the website’s core remains unpeeled,
Accessible to all, no matter their device,
No user left behind, no matter the price.

Thus, Progressive Enhancement is a shining star,
A beacon of hope, in a web world that’s marred,
A way to build websites that all may share,
And make the web a place that’s just and fair.

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