Chris Ashton

dai11y 13/11/2020

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6 Ways Travel Has Become More Accessible During the Pandemic

  1. Flexible booking & cancellation policies (to encourage people to book flights etc; those who have bouts of debilitating medical symptoms have long requested more flexibility).
  2. More accessibility fixes on websites (due to suffering businesses trying to market to more customers).
  3. A move toward contact-free (e.g. more automatic doors, less paperwork, less face-to-face check-in).
  4. Public spaces easier to navigate (lack of crowds, increased spatial awareness).
  5. Increased local offerings (some hotels & tour operators are extending discounts to residents, in the absence of out-of-town visitors).
  6. Events with virtual access (business conferences, concerts etc, which prior to the pandemic would not have allowed participation from a distance)

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