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dai11y 13/01/2023

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How to Create an Accessible Progress Bar With React

I always find it interesting to read tutorials on how to write a commonly needed component, in an accessible way. This tutorial doesn’t do a great job of explaining the purpose of each line of code, but it’s fairly straightforward to follow.

The progress bar <div> is given a role="progressbar" (see the MDN page on the progressbar role), with additional attributes of aria-valuenow={progress}, aria-valuemin={0} and aria-value-max={100}. The <div> contains a <span> which also outputs the progress in text form.

A bit of React syntax crept into the above paragraph ({} as opposed to "" for the attribute value interpolation). The tutorial goes on to show how to use styled components to render the progress bar width.

The final result can be rendered like <ProgressBar progress={50}/>. The article doesn’t go into detail on how you should define the ‘progress’ value – that’s an implementation detail that presumably varies too much between use cases.

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