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dai11y 12/08/2022

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This Toronto TikToker has gained a big following by reviewing restaurants. But her focus is on more than the food

Taylor Lindsay-Noel has over 17,000 followers and half a million views on her videos on TikTok. She reviews restaurants, but with a focus on the accessibility of the venue.

Taylor is quadriplegic and uses a 350 pound power chair, so even a single step stair at the entrance can be a big accessibility issue. Taylor researches restaurants online before visiting them, and calls ahead of time to double check that the venue is accessible, so is not afraid to give critical reviews when that turns out not to be the case!

People have been reaching out to Taylor to thank her, as it can be difficult to get the true picture of a place online, and it can be hard to find accessible eateries. Whilst her reviews are largely limited to Toronto establishments, Taylor is succeeding in raising awareness more widely, noting that a lot of “able-bodied people who want to do their part” will now spot accessibility issues and complain about them, after seeing her videos.

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