Chris Ashton

dai11y 12/01/2021

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Accessibility in tech improved in 2020, but more must be done

  • A mammoth article highlighting the key accessibility improvements made by the 6 giants of tech: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. There’s a small conclusion at the end, briefly mentioning a few household names that have yet to fix fundamental issues in their apps, but the majority of the article is focused positively on the companies above.
  • I learned that Microsoft deliberately designed Xbox Series S/X boxes so that they could be more easily opened unassisted by people with disabilities, and that the consoles’ ports have tactile nubs to help low vision users identify them. I also learned that Amazon have teamed up with Voiceitt – a speech recognition company – to make Alexa usable by people with speech impairments.
  • Thanks to Matt Hobbs’ Frontend Fuel for linking me to the article.

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