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dai11y 09/05/2022

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The Future of CSS: CSS Toggles

Article by @bramus, discussing the new CSS Toggles Unofficial Proposal Draft, alongside the demo site for the proposed feature.

“CSS toggles are a mechanism for associating toggleable state with a DOM element”. Perhaps this is best summarised in a code example:

html {
  toggle-root: lightswitch; /* Create a toggle named lightswitch. It will cycle between 0 (inactive, default) and 1 (active) */

button {
  toggle-trigger: lightswitch; /* When clicking the button, toggle the lightswitch */

html:toggle(lightswitch) {
  /* Styles to apply when the lightswitch toggle is active */

This should make it much easier to define global toggles such as dark/light mode, applying reduced motion, switching to low data modes, etc, allowing us to apply the necessary styles without relying on JavaScript.

For now, this is just a prototype, and is subject to change. To start using this today, you’d need to use the polyfill.

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