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dai11y 07/09/2020

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Autonomous vehicles should benefit those with disabilities, but progress remains slow

  • An MIT report estimates that autonomous vehicles might not hit the streets for another decade. The benefits when they arrive, however, will be massive for the disabled community. In the USA alone, it would enable employment for 2 million people with disabilities, while saving $19 billion annually in missed medical appointments. It could also have resulted in 3 million more people voting in the 2012 US election. Anthropologist Megan Strickfaden is advocating for a standard, universally designed autonomous vehicle with side entry ramp so that everybody can access it regardless of ability.
  • “This is a unique opportunity in history to vastly improve the lives of millions of people with disabilities. All of us will grow old, if we are fortunate to live long lives, and many of us will need, either permanently or temporarily, the assistance that [autonomous vehicles] afford” ~ Sheryl Gross-Glaser, director of the nonprofit Community Transportation Association of America.

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