Chris Ashton

dai11y 06/10/2021

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Does WAI-ARIA even work with WebXR?

As someone who has recently bought an Oculus Quest 2, this is really exciting technology that has come a long way in a very short time. It’s crucial that we address accessibility needs as this technology matures.

  • Thomas Logan writes about his experiment with ARIA and Web XR (“Web Extended Reality”, or VR).
  • He uses aframe-gui, a GUI component framework for A-Frame, which is a web framework for making 3D experiences. Here is Thomas’s demo.
  • Using ARIA to add the necessary role and aria-label to elements, as well as tabindex and onfocus handlers, Thomas has made an XR experience that is navigable via keyboard and by some assistive technology (AT) such as voice assisted navigation and screen readers. The full list of tested AT is in the article, which describes the usability issues encountered. For example, “Voice Control” on iOS/Safari does not detect the link or button in the demo.

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