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dai11y 05/10/2021

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10 Video Games That Have Great Accessibility Options

There are some really interesting accessibility options in the games in this article:

  • Uncharted and The Last Of Us Part II are famously accessible, and are called out here.
  • A Blind Legend is a game that “can be played entirely through sound and only asks for touch screen or mouse input”. It does not incorporate visuals.
  • Grounded has the player shrunk to the size of an insect and having to find their way home across their back yard. The developers have considered arachnophobia – the intense fear of spiders – and thus offer an Arachnophobia Safe Mode Slider, allowing players to edit in-game spiders to have no legs, no eyes, or even no textures or sounds at all, without sacrificing the enemies’ difficulty.
  • Hyperdot is a game “where the player avoids incoming attacks by darting around the screen”. The game can be played on any controller, including eye trackers.

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