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dai11y 05/04/2021

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Automated accessibility testing: Leveraging GitHub Actions and pa11y-ci with axe

  • A blog post describing how to install pa11y-ci to your project and run it automatically with GitHub Actions. pa11y-ci is a Continuous Integration wrapper around pa11y, which is an automated accessibility tool that scans your web pages for issues.
  • You can configure the WCAG standard to which the tool validates (WCAG 2 A, AA or AAA), and tell it to run the tests using aXe-core using the axe ‘runner’ (htmlcs is the default runner, though the article doesn’t describe why you should use one over the other).
  • Once you have pa11y working locally (using NPM package files to declare your dependencies), you can write a .github/workflows/pa11y.yml file to define your GitHub Action. The article explains how to get GitHub Actions to run your pa11y tests when you open a PR to your repository.

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