Chris Ashton

dai11y 04/05/2021

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Accessibility devices at CES 2021 reflect growing focus on inclusive tech

  • The entirely virtual CES in January 2021 saw a number of assistive technologies, as companies begin to realise the importance of inclusivity and the money that can be made. Some highlights include:
    • Mantis Q40 – a $2.5k QWERTY keyboard with built-in braille display.
    • Oticon More – a hearing aid with built-in neural network, trained on 12 million real life sounds, to help process speech in noisy environments.
    • Sravi – an app that uses AI based lip-reading technology to recognise specific phrases from lip movements. It is aimed at people with speech difficulties, or patients in critical care with ailments that render them incapable of speaking. The app is in trials within the UK’s National Health Service.

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