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dai11y 03/08/2022

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How to get the best out of Accessibility features in Windows 11

This is a useful overview of native accessibility features in Windows 11. I think it’s useful to occasionally remind ourselves what is available and think about how we should build our sites and apps to not get in the way of such features.

All of the features are viewable in one place (accessed via WINDOWS AND I and heading to the Accessibility section).

There’s a slider to change the system text size, as well as options to change your cursor style. You can opt in to having scrollbars visible the whole time – the disappearing scrollbar is something that catches me out a far bit on my Mac! (Though macOS also has options to configure this).

The WINDOWS AND + shortcut toggles the screen magnifier, and activating it twice switches to greater magnification. There are colour filters, configured for different kinds of colour blindness.

Windows Narrator is a built-in screen reader. You can also enable on-screen notifications to accompany audio notifications. Finally, there is speech recognition and voice typing.

All of the above accessibility features are accompanied by screenshots in the linked article.

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