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dai11y 03/06/2021

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Resident Evil Village Has An Accessibility Problem

  • I’ve had a number of bookmarks on the theme of Resident Evil Village, which has been a hot topic in a11y newsletters of late. This article berates Capcom for not providing any accessibility options in the menu of the game, meaning that:
    • The camera is stuck on a zoomed in view, which can lead to motion sickness. There are mods available to configure this.
    • Subtitles are small, and often have terrible contrast on the game background. There’s a Twitter thread with a screenshot. Subtitles don’t specify who is speaking, leaving hard of hearing players to guess. There’s also a lack of subtitles overall, as none of the ambient sounds are conveyed in text.
    • There are no controller remapping options.
    • Can I Play That wrote an accessibility-focused review of Resident Evil Village, rating it just 3/10.
  • This article makes a special call-out to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for its advanced a11y options.

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