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dai11y 02/11/2019

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Accessibility drives aesthetics

  • A recent article by UX designer, Alex Chen. It debunks the myth that accessible designs have to be ugly designs, giving real-world examples of websites (GOV.UK gets a mention here) and products (RX protein bar packaging) that are both accessible and aesthetically pleasing. That aside, Alex asserts that the two are not of equal importance; an interface change may not look quite as visually pleasing to one person, but another person is now able to use it. Some people concentrate their efforts on the ‘normal’ use case, neglecting designing the ‘edge cases’ for disabled people, but that is an ableist practice; “edge cases [should] refer to scenarios, not humans”. There’s a final point about disabilities disproportionately affecting people of a certain race or class, and that we have an opportunity to start to level the playing field for all.

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