dai11y 01/08/2023 – Become an accessibility champion by using simple mockup annotations

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Become an accessibility champion by using simple mockup annotations

“Accessibility annotations” detail interaction design behaviours in UI designs. They communicate the intended experience for keyboard and screen reader users, allowing developers to implement the design just as they would implement a visual one. This speeds up the design QA and development process, but also ensures designers have thought about accessible interactions from the start.

The article shows screenshots of some annotated designs, with symbols clarifying the intended focus tab order of a component, or call-outs to screen-reader-specific text. Even the underlying semantics – whether a list should be ordered or unordered, for example – are clarified with markup annotations.

There is also a Jira ticket template “to facilitate design accessibility review discussions while reviewing the visual mockups”.

The article links to Deque’s downloadable accessibility annotations toolkit, which has files for Adobe Illustrator and Sketch as well as individual SVGs.

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