Chris Ashton

week11y issue 116

13 May 2022

The Future of CSS: CSS Toggles Article by @bramus, discussing the new CSS Toggles Unofficial Proposal Draft, alongside the demo site for the proposed feature. “CSS toggles are a mechanism for associating toggleable state with a DOM element”. Perhaps this is best summarised in a code example: This should make it much easier to define… [Read More]

week11y issue 115

06 May 2022

US Accessibility Lawsuits There have been a number of accessibility related lawsuits in America of late. As ever, I’ll try my best to summarise, but bear in mind I am no legal expert. On Reconsideration, Judge Albright Transfers AudioEye, Inc. v. accessiBe Ltd. In December 2020, AudioEye accused accessiBe of infringing 9 patents, as well… [Read More]

week11y issue 114

29 April 2022

Can the internet be made accessible for all? This is a video clip (5m28s) from the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Rene and Andy Perkins have founded a company, CityMaaS, aimed at improving accessibility on the web. They’ve created a product, Assist Me, which they hope to see companies embed on their websites (at a subscription fee… [Read More]

week11y issue 113

15 April 2022

GOV.UK fixes a noisy screenreader issue GOV.UK had discovered that in recent versions of screen readers, its contact form was too aggressive in announcing how many characters were remaining. This was despite the existing markup of aria-live=”polite”. I’ve been keeping an eye on the GitHub issue for this, and a fix was merged recently. There… [Read More]

week11y issue 112

08 April 2022

Guidance on Web Accessibility and the ADA The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued the above guidance on Web Accessibility and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). This has prompted a number of articles, I’ve covered a couple of them here. “Justice Department Breaks its Silence Regarding Website Accessibility” describes how the guidance explains… [Read More]

week11y issue 111

01 April 2022

This week is a resources special, covering tools, training and libraries that have landed in my inbox recently! Web Accessibility by Google This is a free Udacity course, aimed at giving “advanced” skills to developers over a span of approximately 2 weeks. It covers developing for screen readers, semantic markup, and managing focus, with material… [Read More]

week11y issue 110

25 March 2022

frequent11y returns, after my first trip back to the USA in almost 3 years! Their bionic eyes are now obsolete and unsupported A worrying look at retinal implants provided by Second Sight, which has been in financial difficulty and no longer supports the products. In the early 2000’s, the company produced the Argus I implant,… [Read More]

week11y issue 109

10 March 2022

Your (almost) weekly frequent11y newsletter, brought to you by @ChrisBAshton. Advance warning: I’m on holiday next week, so the next edition will appear on Friday 25th March! Giving a damn about accessibility A useful resource for advocates, created by accessibility professional Sheri Byrne-Haber in partnership with UX Collective. The handbook (PDF – 13.3 MB) is… [Read More]

week11y issue 108

28 February 2022

After a couple of weeks off, your regular installment of frequent11y returns! Why Don’t Developers Take Accessibility Seriously? Melanie Sumner writes an engaging CSS Tricks article, exploring different perspectives on web accessibility in 3 ‘acts’: Melanie laments how the accusatory tone of some accessibility advocates doesn’t help. Developers have a lot to learn in their… [Read More]

week11y issue 107

04 February 2022

Shirt with magnetic buttons provides independence I came across the above post on LinkedIn about a year ago; a video of a man called Lincoln, who has cerebral palsy, putting on a shirt unaided. The shirt looks like a standard button shirt, but uses magnets for fastening. The typically viral LinkedIn post was lacking in… [Read More]