Chris Ashton

week11y issue 127

23 September 2022

Candidate recommendation version of WCAG 2.2 published September 6th 2022 marks the first update since May 2021. According to A Candidate Recommendation is a document that satisfies the technical requirements of the Working Group that produced it and their dependencies, and has already received wide review. W3C publishes a Candidate Recommendation to signal to… [Read More]

week11y issue 126

09 September 2022

Welcome to another issue of week11y – this one is a VR special! Resident Evil 4 VR update adds accessibility options for comfort Resident Evil 4 on the Oculus Quest 2 – which I own, and think is brilliant! – has just had an update, concentrating primarily on accessibility options. Your waist and chest height parameters… [Read More]

week11y issue 125

26 August 2022

My War On Animation Article on The Verge, as part of July’s Accessibility Week. The author writes about their experiences navigating the web as someone who finds any animation a stimulatory overload. They acknowledge that there are documented standards for the ‘limits’ of animation on the web, such as keeping gifs to five seconds maximum…. [Read More]

week11y issue 124

12 August 2022

This week is a ‘social media special’, where I cover recent social media stories centered around accessibility. Misuse of Twitter’s Alt Text Feature Draws Criticism From Accessibility Advocates Since 2016, when Twitter first made it possible to write alt text, the text was only really retrievable by screen reader users. The result was that only… [Read More]

week11y issue 123

05 August 2022

The Hidden History of Screen Readers This lengthy but approachable article by The Verge covers the history of JAWS and NVDA. Ted Henter lost his sight in a car accident in 1978. Losing his job as a racing driver and mechanical engineer, he studied computer science, having to get volunteers to read programming books and… [Read More]

week11y issue 122

29 July 2022

Microsoft and Peel school board collaborate to launch Minecraft world focused on accessibility For those who don’t know, Minecraft has an education edition. (I wish I had this while I was in school!). That edition now has a new world, called BuildAbility. In partnership with America’s Peel District School Board (PDSB), it was launched on… [Read More]

week11y issue 121

22 July 2022

Only two articles this week, but both super interesting, and related to one another. They both concern big tech sites that pander to the majority at the expense of disabled users. The negative impact of stylised captions on TikTok and Instagram It used to be that there was not enough captioned content on social media…. [Read More]

week11y issue 120

15 July 2022

Purchasing Power Parity Accessibility of content based on price and economics is not something I’ve covered often, so I’m glad to have come across this really interesting article. Sophia Lucero writes about a trend she’s noticed in online courses and magazines: websites are beginning to charge different prices based on where in the world you’re… [Read More]

week11y issue 119

08 July 2022

I’m back, having got married, been on honeymoon, and perhaps inevitably, caught COVID. So, a little later than planned, please enjoy the latest issue of frequent11y! Robles v. Domino’s Settles After Six Years of Litigation This case concerns Guillermo Robles, a blind customer of Domino’s who was unable to order a custom pizza from their… [Read More]

week11y issue 118

06 June 2022

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last issue of week11y – work has been busy! This week is a ‘hardware special’, covering some interesting developments in the world of physical technology. This will also be my only newsletter in June. This week, I’m getting married, and then off to Scandinavia for a couple… [Read More]