The five-line rule

29 January 2015

I run with a metaphor far too much to try to explain a programming principle I think more developers should adhere to.

How to differentiate between links

16 April 2014

When you visit a new website and are about to click on a hyperlink, do you know what is about to happen? In the early days of the internet, a link was just a link. You’d click it and be taken to a new page. Nowadays, clicking on a link can trigger any number of… [Read More]

Stupidly Simple Programming – Introduction

04 July 2013

A lot of my friends and family have not got the faintest idea of what Software Engineering entails. Are you one of those people? If I tell you I’m a programmer, do you think that it has something to do with Google, or Microsoft Word, or hard drives or Windows or gigabytes? If you can’t… [Read More]

Redesigning IP Datagrams for a faster internet

03 April 2012

Recently our first year computer science department had a lecture on IP Datagrams. While people were Facebooking and falling asleep around me, I paid attention. It’s definitely worth learning the science behind data transfer over the internet or we risk being locked in to a consumerist bubble, where we’ve all been trained to use obscolete… [Read More]