dai11y 09/10/2023 – WCAG 2.2 is published

09 October 2023

WCAG 2.2 is published The WCAG 2.2 guidelines have now reached “W3C Recommendation” status. In What’s New in WCAG 2.2, the W3C summarise: The new criteria are made up of:

dai11y 27/09/2023 – Getting VoiceOver to shut up

27 September 2023

Getting VoiceOver to shut up Martin (known as “tempertemper”) describes how to quickly pause VoiceOver’s speech: You can also just move to the next bit of content on the page and it’ll start talking again from there. This is useful to know if you’re just wanting to demonstrate something and talk it through with a… [Read More]

dai11y 26/09/2023 – The case against banning italics

26 September 2023

Your daily± frequent11y newsletter, brought to you by @ChrisBAshton. ± ok… not quite daily at the moment. I’ve recently started a new job, and also had a bit of annual leave, so I’m still figuring out what kind of cadence I can commit to for this newsletter! Without further ado, I bring you: The case… [Read More]

dai11y 29/08/2023 – A Deep Dive into Accessibility APIs

29 August 2023

A Deep Dive into Accessibility APIs I’ve read this three-part series by Neill Hadder, who works at Knowbility. Below is a perhaps oversimplified summary – I’d encourage you to click through to the articles themselves if you’re keen to learn more! Part 1: Swinging Through the Accessibility Tree Like a Ring-Tailed Lemur This is an… [Read More]

dai11y 24/08/2023 – The ultimate inaccessible UI components

24 August 2023

The ultimate inaccessible UI components This is just a bit of fun from Reddit. Engineers competed to see who could build the worst possible UI. Highlights include: …the list goes on. Images and videos demonstrating the designs are in the article.

dai11y 22/08/2023 – I Made a Site Leveraging AI: How Accessible Was It?

22 August 2023

I Made a Site Leveraging AI: How Accessible Was It? Interesting experiment by Mark Steadman, who used Durable to generate a website. Using axe-core to scan the site, he found 17 accessibility issues, of which 11 were ‘critical’ and 6 ‘serious’. These included: Manually discovered a11y issues included keyboard focus indicators being highly inconsistent –… [Read More]

dai11y 17/08/2023 – Interview with Jamie Knight (and Lion)

17 August 2023

Interview with Jamie Knight (and Lion) This landed in my inbox only recently (despite being published in April last year). I remember Jamie from my days at the BBC, so it’s always nice to find out how people are doing! Jamie has autism and mobility issues. Denis Boudreau interviewed Jamie about the accessibility of virtual… [Read More]

dai11y 18/08/2023 – Don’t use custom CSS scrollbars

18 August 2023

Don’t use custom CSS scrollbars Eric Bailey writes a comprehensive article on why you should never, ever provide custom styling for your website’s scrollbars. The post begins somewhat philosophically: Eric highlights the area of a browser window that is your responsibility (the web page) and then highlights what isn’t (the browser ‘furniture’, URL display, and… [Read More]

dai11y 15/08/2023 – WebAIM Million Report 2023

15 August 2023

WebAIM Million Report 2023 In March, WebAIM published their annual accessibility report. A number of well-informed folks have read the report and written articles with their key takeaways. Manuel Matuzović picks up on one figure in his post, “50.1% empty links“. The number of websites containing links with no text (usually when linking an image… [Read More]