Chris Ashton

week11y issue 12

27 January 2020

How I’m making Maps better for wheelchair users like me Article by Google employee Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, talking about the role he’s played in making the world more accessible to the 65 million wheelchair users worldwide. In his “20% time”, Sasha and other colleagues launched ‘wheelchair-friendly transit directions’ for Google Maps, and worked with the 120… [Read More]

week11y issue 11

20 January 2020

Gaming Needs Some Basic Accessibility Improvements in 2020 Article by Laura Dale, explaining some of the most commonly requested accessibility features for console gaming (controls remapping, colour blindness support and the ability to adjust text size). A cautionary note about the new PS5 controller, which will have a “resistive trigger” (become harder to press under certain… [Read More]

week11y issue 10

13 January 2020

There is no “Myths of Color Contrast Accessibility” A UX Movement article (covered in November) argued that text/background color combinations that fail the WCAG AA contrast threshold can actually be easier to read than those that pass. Geoffrey Crofte has written a counter-article arguing that the methodology of the original article was flawed, proposing his… [Read More]

week11y issue 9

06 January 2020

7 Predictions for Accessibility in 2020 and Beyond A UsableNet article that is full of optimism for the future: Jason Taylor predicts that a rise in a11y-related lawsuits will drive a more proactive approach to building accessible websites. Companies will no longer settle for agency-built sites or CMS templates that are inaccessible, and many will… [Read More]

week11y issue 8

23 December 2019

Sony’s new Back Button Attachment brings customizable paddles to the DualShock 4 Sony are releasing a $30 attachment for the DualShock 4 controller which slots into the back and provides two extra large buttons. These can be mapped to any of the other buttons on the controller, and could be a (literal) game changer for… [Read More]

week11y issue 7

17 December 2019

Apologies for the slightly short and slightly late issue of week11y – I was off sick much of last week! week11y is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things accessibility, curated by developer @ChrisBAshton. Each resource is summarised as a TLDR, in case you don’t have time to read the actual article. Readers are encouraged… [Read More]

week11y issue 6

09 December 2019

We Analyzed 10,000,000 Pages and Here’s Where Most Fail with ADA and WCAG 2.1 Compliance Article by accessiBe, analysing mostly small US websites. They used automated tooling with AI to avoid false positives, e.g. avoid failing a non-compliant form if it’s never actually in view. 98% of sites failed WCAG 2.1 AA compliance with their… [Read More]

week11y issue 5

02 December 2019

Playing with state Article by Sarah Higley, exploring how best to denote the state of a Play/Pause video button for screen reader users. Most ‘toggle buttons’ for a binary state should have an aria-pressed attribute with value “on” or “off”; screen readers communicate this ‘state change’ more quickly than a change in property (such as… [Read More]

week11y issue 4

25 November 2019

New in iOS 13 Accessibility – Voice Control and More Voice Control is a brand new feature on iOS that lets you interact with on-screen elements using your voice (like Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows). It overlays numbers or labels on clickable elements – users can then say things like “Tap 1” to click the first… [Read More]

week11y issue 3

18 November 2019

Accessibility Statements Show Commitment to all Site Users (Article from 2013, updated this month). Describes an “Accessibility Statement” (formerly “Accessibility Information Page”) as being a place to list an active phone number & email address, linked to from all pages, and with “details about the organization’s web accessibility policy”. The article links to the Accessibility… [Read More]