Chris Ashton

dai11y 06/04/2020

06 April 2020

Accessibility Maze A game developed by The Chang School, Ryerson University (Ontario). It simulates various challenges which are only overcome by good accessible design, providing good metaphors that encourage things like alt text. I don’t want to give too much away as it would ruin the game – it’s extremely well made and only takes… [Read More]

dai11y 03/04/2020

03 April 2020

Unexpected accessibility tips An article in broken English, but don’t let that put you off. Chris Cid shares tips for testing your app: use it on your train commute to work (one-handed usage, motion sickness, etc). Test it on people who are in a hurry (grab someone outside a WC!) to simulate lots of distractions,… [Read More]

dai11y 02/04/2020

02 April 2020

Quick Tip: How to Convert Image Text to Text If you have an image with text and want to retrieve the text from it without typing it all out by hand, you can upload the image to Google Drive. Once uploaded, “Open with Google Docs” (by right-clicking and selecting the option from the contextual menu)…. [Read More]

dai11y 31/03/2020

31 March 2020

Cleaning our way to accessibility A post from the good folks at, describing how they’ve been working through the 9,800 inaccessible PDFs on their site. Making them all compliant would cost huge amounts of time and money. Instead, they’re assessing each document on its own merit and asking if it serves a user need…. [Read More]

dai11y 30/03/2020

30 March 2020

Video game accessibility aided by consultants who say it’s not about compromising game design Article about how accessibility consultants are working behind the scenes to create a more inclusive video game industry. A common argument against accessibility adjustments is that they’ll ruin the ‘creative vision’ of the game. In reality, lowering difficulty settings is a… [Read More]

dai11y 27/03/2020

27 March 2020

The First U.S. Web Accessibility Agreement was Signed Twenty Years Ago On March 14th, 2000, Bank of America was the first US company to sign an agreement to make its website accessible, referencing WCAG 1.0 (only a few months old at the time). It was the output of a ‘structured negotiation’ between the bank and… [Read More]

dai11y 26/03/2020

26 March 2020

On Voice Coding Dusty Phillips shares his experience of using his voice to code, triggered by a carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis a few months ago. He invested around a thousand dollars in his setup, which includes Dragon Naturallyspeaking, a Windows machine and a high-end microphone. Dusty uses Caster, which is built on top of Dragon,… [Read More]

dai11y 25/03/2020

25 March 2020

How I disclose my disability during a job search Haley Moss describes the experience of applying for jobs and wondering when and whether to disclose her autism, for fear of being treated differently. Haley suggests disclosure should generally happen only when you realise you can’t perform an essential function of your job because of your… [Read More]

dai11y 23/03/2020

23 March 2020

That Time I Tried Browsing the Web Without CSS Jon Kantner describes his experience of disabling CSS, for checking accessibility standards like like headings, form controls, visual hierarchies, content order and images existing as <img> rather than background images that get lost. It’s not just theoretical: 12.5% of users who rely on assistive tech use… [Read More]

dai11y 19/03/2020

19 March 2020

16 Things to Improve Your Website Accessibility Bruce Lawson describes the most common errors sites make & how to remedy them. The main one: too much content, which should be broken up into sections with headings and bulleted lists, and should be in plain English and a legible font. Avoid reCAPTCHA (or use reCAPTCHA v3;… [Read More]