dai11y 11/05/2023 – Redefining Accessibility Advocacy: Progress Over Perfection

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Progress Over Perfection: The Better Way for Communication and Accessibility Advocacy

This article by Meryl Evans really resonates with me.

Accessibility is big and daunting. It needs to be considered in every facet of an organisation: “HR needs to ensure the hiring and employee benefits processes are accessible. Procurement needs to ensure the company buys accessible products and services”. People will inevitably make mistakes – even Accessibility Advocates!

Progress isn’t always a straight line – sometimes it will go backwards. They key is to get started and keep moving. You can start with something as simple as an accessibility statement on your website, giving people an avenue for reporting accessibility issues. Don’t spend years trying to perfect everything behind the scenes before launching your 100% accessible product – be iterative.

One exception that muddies the rule a bit is the use of overlays. Whilst these have the feel of “progress over perfection”, they make your product less accessible, not more so. Better to ask companies to remove these overlays, through educating rather than berating. Meryl follows these four steps:

  1. Show gratitude for what they do right.
  2. Provide the suggestion.
  3. Explain the reason for the suggestion.
  4. End on a high note or with a thank you.

“Progress over perfection”, and being kind, gets results.

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